Designing special systems

Designing special systems for companies and institutions whose nature of work needs requirements that are not available in public programs. Where we have an integrated team of systems analysts, consultants, programmers, designers, specialists and highly experienced. Our programming team also uses a purpose-oriented programming method, which allows you to take advantage of the multiple programming libraries available at the company.

Stages of designing and developing special systems


Information gathering stage


Analytical study stage


The contracting and agreement stage


Programming and implementation stage

Accounting software

A set of management and resource planning solutions, containing various software systems to address the integrated mechanism for all financial and administrative institutional building functions.
ERP systems from account management and cashier programs.

Customer and sales system.
System of suppliers and purchases.
POS system.
Connect several branches with each other.
Follow up the items data.
Follow the stock movement accurately and easily.
The arrival of alerts on mobile and (SMS) messages or by e-mail.
Daily restrictions.
Receipt and exchange vouchers (cash – term – bank).

website design

There is no doubt that any commercial entity, whether on the Internet or on the ground, needs to be on the web to prove its presence in all markets, as well as targeting all segments of the expected audience. From this standpoint, we have seen that building websites is a top priority, as your website is your commercial ground. Through the website, the visitor can know everything about your activity, your promotional offers and the services that you offer such as the guarantee .. or the return policies .. etc.

What distinguishes our work

Responsive design and supports the user experience

Sites that run on all browsers

Distinguished, trained and innovative team

Clean programming and security is constantly updated

Application development

We offer solutions and products that help institutions and companies to raise income and growth rates as well as develop production and sales movement through e-commerce solutions on mobile applications for iPhone and Android and the use of artificial intelligence and augmented reality and data analysis with mobile applications and business management software

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